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#164905 New changes

Posted by KERIPRINTS on 18 March 2015 - 05:33 PM

Boys and girls, we have changed again in hopes that we can look like before. A lot of complaints and hopefully we can look like we did before, still some things need to be moved over and that will happen over the next couple of days.


Shawn and Jesus.

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#178014 USSSA States - My thoughts.

Posted by KERIPRINTS on 08 August 2016 - 08:57 AM

First of all, congratulations to all the winners in each division, I think we were all concerned about the weather but Mother Nature helped out in a huge way.

I went to this tournament as a guest of Jorge Calzadilla and Carlos Garcia who are the sponsors of One Payment, and I want to publicly thank them for their hospitality, great sponsors right there folks.

As always, it is such an honor to see softball legends like Rick Wiley and Russ Robinson as they are still in this racket we all call softball. Saw a bunch of people who I handn't seen in a while, I will not name them because I will probably leave some out and don't want to disrespect them.

C teams complained about playing in the short field but without talking with Ralphie, I would venture to say that it was more of a logistic issue. C only had 10 teams while the other divisions had at least 3 times that with those fields being all close to each other rather than the 2 that were in the back where C played.

There are two things that happened this past weekend that makes me know that the time to slowly walk away from this game is just around the corner ( or maybe just concentrate on 40+ ). First of all, the bat issue has been around for a long while but for some reason it finally dawned on me that the vast majority of softball players are really not that good, sure they have this athletic ability that players didn't have 20 years ago but like my dear friend Luther would say....." i's bet ya a nibble of my lil sis' left tittie that most of you couldn't hit a lick 20 years ago ", and it's simple, no ability to hit them where they aint unless you are swinging glass, most couldn't swing a 32oz aluminum bat for a home run if your life depended on it, but with that weapon that you paid somebody to have it altered, you are now Big Time. Yeah, I know, in today's game ' if you aint cheating, you aint winning '.

The second thing is an occurrence that happened while the rain delay was going on. I always try to keep my ballplayers focused and not jibber jabbing with the opposing team so Ozzie from Russell's was talking with Papo and a couple of ' my guys ' by our dugout and I said to him in a jokingly manner to stop talking to ' my guys ', which he quickly replied, " I thought this was Papo's team? ", well, lesson learned for sticking my nose where it don't belong. That's when it hit me, what the f**k am I doing here other than look like I am undermining the coach of this team. By the way, this is neither a knock on Ozzie or me being disrespectful to Papo, just the plain truth.

Hope everybody is safe back at home.

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#169242 2016 C division question for directors.

Posted by KERIPRINTS on 03 August 2015 - 09:50 AM

I just realized that ' why the f**k am I giving an explanation for deleting posts '?.

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#10087 Hey Zipp..

Posted by tmpnick16 on 20 March 2012 - 12:40 PM

What do the green and red "reputation" tags mean?
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#191127 Jul 5-6 - Mills Pond - 2019 International Slow Pitch Softball Midnight Madnes...

Posted by PackingWood03 on 30 June 2019 - 08:39 PM

It’s just softball, people take it too serious. Just play and keep the drama out of the game.
I still cant believe teams still want to play ISPS. I guess these new teams don't know Manny to well.[/quote]
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#186709 March 24th "Pay Back" Game times (Silver)

Posted by SSRB2018 on 26 March 2018 - 12:16 PM

To ALL you D teams out there and even non D teams, softball teams in general... 


Please look at this and really let this SINK THE FUCK IN...


3 teams in D... $300.00 entry fee X 3 teams = $900.00


1st Place = $700.00


For all of you players that pay to play or sponsors out there putting your teams in tournaments, please pay close attention to the math below..


$900.00 Entry Fee - $700.00 - 1st Place Prize = $200.00 left over.




Game 1 TMT VS BAD BOYS -30
Game 3 TMT VS STORM -30
Game 4 TMT VS BAD BOYS -30
Game 5 TMT VS STORM -30
Game 7 TMT VS STORM -30
Game 8 TMT VS STORM -30
8 games played @ $30.00 a game for umpire = $240.00.
$700.00 + $240.00 = $940.00 expense... - $900.00 Entries... = NEGATIVE $40.00 
Much respect to Dave for hosting this tournament because there is NOT 1 other director out there in any sanction that would ever do this and come up NEGATIVE on a division/tournament.. 
Imagine if we could get more teams with these prize packages.. If Dave is willing to give out $700.00 with 3 teams imagine if we had 10, 15 or even 20 teams. For all of you sand bagging E teams, step up and play D, play better competition. For all for you other D teams playing in these REC tournies whooping up beginning type competition, what good is that doing you? Paying $300.00 - $400.00 to play lower level comp to win 10 T shirts and 6 left handed batting gloves.. If you really want to pay $30.00 a shirt, save your tourney entry fee and call Dirty Sports they will give you a much better deal than $30.00 a shirt, I promise. When you enter in a real tournament to play and go against teams that have been playing better competition all year, yall are going to get smoked.
Dave, you can enter Southern Storm / Rat Busters in Men's D every time you host a tournament, we are in. 
A tournament in St. Augustine can get 22 teams to enter and pay $400.00 to play a 2 day event plus hotels, cars, travel etc. to win what, $1200.00? Everyone need to open their eyes. That same 22 team tournament with Dave hosting it I am sure would pay out at least double..
Much respect to TMT and Bad Boys, there was some great competition out there on Saturday. 

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#185669 2018 Winter Nationals @USSSA Space Coast Complex 1/27-28 Mens D&E, Womens...

Posted by Bigfoot25 on 24 January 2018 - 10:27 PM

Lmao! First big tournament of the year and people already complaining. Why is most of the people complaining are always behind a screen name. Jmo but people may take you more serious if they knew who they were talking to. Btw don't know if you guys are new or not but usually most directors don't really comment on here when it comes people questioning things. They prefer you send a pm to them. You may get your questions answered that way. Least a better chance. Right now it looks like trolling to most of us just saying..
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#177638 USSSA Florida State tournament 8/6-7

Posted by conch town4 on 18 July 2016 - 10:37 PM

With such a great turn out would be nice to see a paid birth to worlds and some travel ️money added to the price package ....
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#177004 GSL States 6/25-26 Ring Tournament Men’s & Womens

Posted by birdman2211 on 27 June 2016 - 02:01 PM

So a team can play C in freedom and E in GSL?
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#174841 ISPS Men's Bronze (E) at Shady Oaks Park in Fort Myers, Florida on Apr 9

Posted by Freedom Sports on 25 March 2016 - 12:50 PM

i think mike has officially worked for every sanction!

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#173944 Pitching in upper division

Posted by KERIPRINTS on 25 February 2016 - 05:20 PM

Those are two very good comments and observations by Lynch and Taco.
May I also add, respect the game, the opposing players and you will get the same respect back. There is a reason why Upper level ball ( C and above ) is left for a few players which I always called a fraternity.
Just my .03
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#172201 Freedom Sports Team Re Alignments and information

Posted by Cincy13 on 07 December 2015 - 12:42 PM

As far as i know ISPS is an International Association that is a separate entity not doing the bumps like we are, AS far as i know!

Wouldn't it be prudent to reach out to ISPS (or any other association that is throwing regular tournaments in Florida) in an effort to get as many "relevant" associations on the same page as possible?
International, intergalactic.....its not important.
What does matter is making sure that teams do not have an association that will allow them to sandbag.
At least making the effort with ISPS might help them make the same bumps that you are making (I really don't think it would be revealing national defense codes or the formula to original Coke, do you?).
Level playing field for all......everyone enjoys the success.
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#170294 South FL D Division

Posted by zipp on 27 August 2015 - 02:05 PM

I agree that classing players is the way to go about doing this but Rome wasn't built in a day.
The first step is to have the teams bumped/play where they are supposed to and not allow reclassifications of any teams nor players for at least a year until a database of player rankings is formed. 
Yes there will be instances where the lower few guys on a team get dropped and need to find a place to play but that is what the two drop downs in E is for. 
You say many of these players are "just looking to play with friends on the weekend and get away from the house" anyway so they can form their own team and chip in $25 a guy to play like a lot of teams do now already.

Best way to do it is like you said, have 1 centralized database on say Florida softball and have every association use strictly that list for classification. The problem is even IF you can get the associations to agree to use it, some jackass will start the 35th association in this state and allow people to play where they want. Now we could block directors from posting tournaments on our site if they don't use our classifications but then that would more issues and problems than I care to discuss publicly.
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#169623 Freedom Sports in South FLA

Posted by Freedom Sports on 12 August 2015 - 09:19 AM

Freedom Sports Family would like to welcome Jeff Whitman "Whit" back to the family.



Whit will be running events in south Florida to give teams the chance to qualify for worlds and also play fair and level events!



We are all glad to have him on board and look forward to long and prosperous tournaments in South Florida!!!!





Welcome back WHIT~!!!!

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#169389 By the numbers.

Posted by MAFIATACO33 on 05 August 2015 - 05:53 PM

A bat for going 0-3, that's how you encourage teams to get better?

Tournament ball is not for everyone, it wasn't designed for everyone in mind. The purpose of tournament ball was to assemble the best players you could to compete against someone else's best. Plain and simple. Tournament ball is to see who is the best at the end of weekend and who stayed hot until world's. Tournament ball was not designed to see who could go home with shit you can buy yourself.

The notion that everyone is entitled to tournament ball is the entire reason divisions were created thus sandbagging followed. It's amazing what levels grown men will go to to play at the bottom of a sport then gloat about being the best at it.

Never mind..... my rants on this subject are as old as this site. Good day.
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#166699 Teams playing up.

Posted by KERIPRINTS on 29 May 2015 - 06:12 PM

Bryan, it might not work down here but in West Florida and Central Florida where there are a whole bunch of D teams, it could work. I know down here is near impossible that is why other sanctions stay away from SoFlo as you well know.
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#109871 Hey Zipp..

Posted by zipp on 20 March 2012 - 02:30 PM

What do the green and red "reputation" tags mean?

when you post something good users can click on the sherrifs badge below your name to add reputation. Basically its used to rate users on their post quality.
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#191907 N/A

Posted by Liz USSSA 🥎 SoFlo Director on 02 January 2020 - 10:56 PM

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#172065 Freedom Sports Team Re Alignments and information

Posted by zipp on 02 December 2015 - 09:13 PM

What's with you guys and this play E play bronze bullshit. We just played ISPs silver worlds and went 2-2 no complaints. We are not a C team so why make us play C? Because you "c teams never have enough teams" that's not my problem you should take a peak at D "down south" we sometimes never have more than 4 or 5.
Logs your posts are so irrelevant to this thread. We want to win we don't want to beat 5 teams and place top ten. We want to compete not get thumped every weekend. So many internet heros that have to give their 2 cents..

What's irrelevant is you getting upset about people commenting on your complaining about being bumped on a public message board. The minute you questioned it you opened yourself up to these comments. If you didn't want to hear them then you should've contacted the director directly and in turn none of the comments would have been made.

As for only having tournaments with 4 or 5 teams I couldn't care less either way. Softball is softball, end of the day it's a girls sport. Hounds was 100% correct in his comment and it is pretty sad you have to see and hear grown men constantly bitch and complain and damn near beg to play the lowest level possible. What's worse is the facade that a lot of the lower players have that they couldn't compete at a higher level. How do you know if you haven't tried?
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