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ASF Latin Circuit Tournament

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Posted 19 February 2018 - 12:21 PM

Peabody checking in..... It's been a rough morning so far for Officer Peabody, first my alarm clock didn't go off this morning, then I got a flat tire and finally when I got to the station i realized that i was still in my pajamas. But even through all this chaos, I always find time to talk a little softball. It was an hour drive for me but I passed by Brian Piccolo Park to see a little of the action and let me just say....I was NOT impressed. Congrats to One Payment on winning there 5th ASF tournament out of.....5 tournaments that ASF has thrown. If ASF was the only sanction around, these guys would finish the year undefeated. I wonder why that is? Here are a few observations from the time that i was there:


- How is it that C/D teams were playing E/Rec teams?!? Oh wait, supposedly those games didn't count so my the question is......WHY PLAY THEM?!?! Yes, let's boost the spirits of the C/D teams by winning a game against a bad team and let's crush the hopes of any Rec/E team from ever competing at a higher level. I saw TMT beat a rec team called Xtreme so bad, I was about to take a few of them in for questioning.

- Dent Tek/Sik Society/EDT/Excel/Insert Random Name Here/White Castle finally made an appearance and like always lost their first game. But hey, at least they got to beat a few Rec teams. Great job guys!!!!

-Playboy posted on this site, "No A or B players allowed", 1 hour later he changes it to yes, "2 A or B players allowed". Hmmmmm I wonder why that is? I wonder who called him and told him to change that? Or was it done so One Payment A players could play? Doesn't the guy who runs ASF play with One Payment? Has a One Payment team won every ASF tournament?

- Did I see a rec team get thrown out of a tournament because they had a D player.......and lost to a C team?!?! Let me get this straight, a Rec/E team got kicked out of a tournament because they had a D player......PLAYING AGAINST A C team!!!!! What????

- What did the winning Rec/E team receive? Because from what I was told in the parking lot, they were given shirts and hats. Shirts and hats for a $300 entry fee? Those guys should have gone to Pines Mall, bought shirts and hats for $20 and used the rest of the money at the food court. 7 E/Rec teams + $300 entry fee=$2100....and this team got hats and shirts?!?!  Where did the rest of the money go?!?!

-Let's end on a positive note. For any player who pitches or wants to pitch in this game they call softball, hopefully you guys watched a little bit of the One Payment games and saw their pitcher and took some notes. Lino Alvarez is passed his prime already and is in his mid 50's but as you see him today he is better than 90% of the players playing in E, D or C. The man controls the game with his crafty pitching and pin point accuracy with the bat.....and mind you, he rarely plays anymore. The One Payment team had a bunch of veteran older Miami Blitz guys that have been playing for years and have the softball intelligence to make up for what they lack in physical tools. Even though they did have two A players, the Cuban Harry Potter looking guy and the guy that thinks he's Karate Kid, they would have won even if they had Dent Tek Players. Lino makes that much of a difference.


Alright kids, that's enough softball talk for one morning, It's time to get some lunch. If anyone wants to talk some softball or just about good old life I will be at Sonny's BBQ in about 15 minutes. 33505 S Dixie Hwy, Florida City,Fl 33034. Peabody.......he gone!!!!!!

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