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Men's D/E Tournament June 16th, $1200 1st Place

Softball Tournament

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#1 SS Softball Productions

SS Softball Productions


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Posted 15 May 2018 - 02:03 PM



Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/SSSPFL/  All rules and registration forms can be found on our Facebook Page.


Contact Phone #: (954) 295-7605  Email: SSSPFL772@gmail.com


Treasure Coast Shootout #1 Men’s Softball Tournament



5 HRs per game then just an OUT.


***Game times have been increased from 55 mins. to 60 mins.***


D/E Tournament with 2 drop down “C” players allowed on each team.


Date: Saturday, June 16th, 2018 @ 8am.

Location: Sandhill Crane Park, Port St. Lucie, FL.

4 Game Guarantee (2 game round-robin for bracket seeding then double elimination bracket)


Prizes based on 12 teams:

1st Place: $1200 + Trophy

2nd Place: $600

3rd Place: $350

Based on 10 teams:

1st place: $1000 + Trophy,

2nd Place: $500


Based on 8 teams:

1st place: $800 + Trophy

Food Truck will be available at the park for food and refreshments

$350 ENTRY FEE which includes tournament balls supplied by SSSP at NO COST to your team, a designated ball retriever (So your team does NOT have to retrieve Homeruns and Foul Balls.) Infields will be raked by the City after every 3rd or 4th game so your team has the best field conditions possible.

Registration Deadline is Friday June 8th, 2018. Round-robin drawings will be done LIVE on Facebook on Wednesday June 13th, 2018.

Make checks payable to: Sunshine State Softball Productions.

Mail to: 493 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd. Port St. Lucie, FL. 34953.  

Rosters must be submitted along with payment!!


We are not accepting CASH the day of the tournament.




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#2 SS Softball Productions

SS Softball Productions


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Posted 15 May 2018 - 05:18 PM



FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK for all Tournament Updates


Complete Rule Book and Registration/Roster Forms are now available on our Facebook Page.

#3 SS Softball Productions

SS Softball Productions


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Posted 15 May 2018 - 06:20 PM

Sunshine State Softball Productions 


Treasure Coast Shootout #1 Rule Book

Sandhill Crane Park

June 16, 2018

Rules 1.Level of Play

  1. Open to “D” and “E” level players with the following exceptions:
  2. Teams will only be allowed two (2) “C” players on each team;
  3. No players above “C” level will be allowed to play;
  4. SSSP will class players based on the amount of “C” level tournaments as well as lower played from May 15, 2016 – May 15, 2018;
  5. If any player has competed in more than Five (5) “C” rated tournaments from the dates listed according to USSSA that player will be ineligible for this tournament;
  6. Players playing in ANY “C” rated tournaments between and including the above dates listed dates will be classified as a “C” player;
  7. Any player that has NOT played in any “C” level tournaments between and including the above dates listed, will be classified as a “D/E” level player;
  8. If a player has played in any tournaments rated higher than “C” between and including the above dates listed will be ineligible for this tournament.


  1. A team may start with a minimum of eight (8) players who must be on the field or in the dugout ready to play at game time;
  2. A ninth (9th) player must start the fourth (4th) inning;
  3. The 9th,10th, or 11th player will be added to the last slot in the batting order;
  4. Game time is forfeit time if there are less than eight (8) players;
  5. If the ninth (9th) player is injured and cannot continue to play, the game may continue with eight (8) players and not be forfeited;
  6. The umpire will decide if the injury is severe enough.


  1. In case a scorekeeper is not available, the HOME TEAM is responsible for the proper keeping of stats in an official scorebook.

4.Running & Pinch Runner

  1. Last batted out;
  2. Can run once in the inning;
  3. If a pinch runner touches the base, and it’s revealed that the pinch runner is not the last batted out before the next pitch, that runner is out;
  4. If pinch runner is on base when it's their turn up to bat, the runner will be an "Automatic Out."
  5. The baserunner's responsibility is to avoid interfering with the defense and avoid contact with the fielder when a play is being made. They can slide, surrender, or change directions (up to 3 feet) while not interfering with the play or fielders.
  6. For plays at the plate – the runner must touch home plate and NOT the mat in order to score.


  1. All players need to present a valid state or federal identification ID with full pedigree, and sign Waiver prior to playing;
  2. Players are only allowed to be on one roster for the tournament and only allowed to play for One (1) team in this tournament;
  3. If a player is caught playing for multiple teams BOTH TEAMS WILL FORFEIT the tournament.

6.Time Limits

  1. 55 mins per game will be allowed;
  2. If the time limit expires in the home half of the inning (Bottom) with the home team leading, the game will end;
  3. If the time limit is reached during the away half (Top) of the inning, the home half inning will be played if the home team is losing;
  4. Forfeit time is game time; however, the director’s discretion may be used if unique circumstances warrant otherwise;
  6. In case of a TIE after Seven (Innings), or if after the bottom of an inning the clock has timed out (55 Minutes), the top of the next inning will begin with the last battered out of the hitting team sent to second base (CANNOT USE A PINCH RUNNER); 
  7. Each batter gets only one pitch to put the ball into play; If the pitch is a strike and the player does not swing or misses, he is out;
  8. If the pitch is a ball and the player does not swing, he walks.

7.Home Run Rule

  1. Five (5) home runs will be allowed per game, per team;
  2. Any home runs hit after the fifth (5th), will be JUST an out.


  1. The count will begin with a 1-1 count;
  2. Any foul balls hit with two (2) strikes will be ruled a strike, no courtesy;
  3. Balls that hit the pitching net will be ruled as a foul or a strike depending on the count, i.e. A batter with a 2-1 count hits the ball; back to the pitcher’s net, the count is now 2-2. Opposed to a batter that has a 2-2 count and the ball hits the pitchers net, this is a strike, which results in a strikeout.


  1. 25 runs after 3 innings;
  2. 20 runs after 4 innings;
  3. 15 runs after 5 innings.


  2. A “strike mat” will be used to determine sure strikes, if the softball touches any part of home plate OR mat on a legal pitch (3’-10’ arc), it will be considered a strike.
  3. Three (3) ft. Minimum from the ground to Ten (10) ft. Maximum from the ground;
  4. Pump faking is allowed;
  5. The pitcher must pitch the ball with One (1) foot on rubber or behind rubber (No more than six (6) Feet).
  6. Pitchers net MUST be used; it may only be moved at the start of the half-inning by the pitcher of the defensive team. The frame of the net must be in contact with either side of the pitcher’s rubber;
  7. Failure to abide by the safety net rule after being warned may result in the ejection of the offending pitcher by use of the umpire and/or tournament official’s discretion.


  1. No protests - The Umpires' decision is final.

12.Bat Rules

  1. Any USSSA bat can be used; it must have updated thumbprint stamp on it (1.20);
  2. Senior bats (SSSA) can be used by players that are 40 years or older by the date of the tournament;
  3. If a Senior Bat is used by someone that is not 40 years old or older on the day of the tournament, that team will forfeit that game;
  4. The opposing manager has the right to protest the age of a player using a senior bat. The player being protested will be required to show his/her driver’s license or proper city/state/federal identification which displays a date of birth;
  5. If the player cannot provide a driver’s license proper city/state/federal identification which displays a date of birth, within five (5) minutes of the protest, that players team will forfeit the game.

13.Inclement Weather

  1. If inclement weather impedes the normal progress of the tournament, the director reserves the right to change the tournament format to achieve the maximum number of games played or to declare an order of finish.


  1. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in either a game forfeit or tournament forfeit;
  2. Any physical contact by a player at another player which is NOT as a direct result of a play, and by the discretion of the umpire(s), will result in an immediate ejection from the game and an automatic out for that game when that player(s) spot in the batting order comes up - Any physical contact including but not limited to fighting, hitting, kicking an official/umpire will result in an immediate tournament ejection;
  3. Any team caught with beer, alcohol or illegal substance in the dugout during the game will forfeit the game – outside of field conduct is to be abided by the city, state, and federal laws;
  4. Within the scope of the tournament official’s discretion:
    • Any player/spectator that is intoxicated and interferes with play of game as well as tournament in a manner that is consistent and may hinder player (whether physical or verbal), spectator and/or vendor safety, will be ejected from the game (subsequent batting spot will result in an out), or if non-player, will be asked to leave Sandhill Crane Softball Field area as well as the parking lot;
    • Failure to leave may result in the associated team’s forfeiture and/or law enforcement response to the park;
    • SSSP will have a ZERO tolerance policy with unsportsmanlike conduct;
  5. PLAY & SPECTATE AT YOUR OWN RISK – SSSP, their officials as well as attending vendors are not held liable for injury of all those that attend this tournament, as players or otherwise. SSSP and their officials, as well as vendors, will not be held liable for any damage, as well as theft to any items – this includes, but is not limited to the Sandhill Crane Park parking area and spectator benches.



Any subject which isn’t covered within these rules will be made by league officials.


Their decision is FINAL.

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