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  1. I have one spot open any team that wants in let me know asap as I will be closing registration this Wednesday may 27th
  2. As of now we are full with 18 teams ..still waiting to hear from the navy on the other field if we get approval on that I will open it up to 7 more teams so I will be taking teams for a waiting list
  3. Don’t wait till the last min to book rooms if you plan on bringing a team
  4. Teams 1. Mikes painting 2. Shirt doctors 3. Jerry’s kids 4. Buster mcthunder sticks 5. Down south gas 6. Mcbats 7. House of Payne 8. Maniacs 9. Gfy 10. Kw outlaws 11. Razed right 12. Los comemeridas 13. Bufu 14. 2 in da pink 15. Allgood landscape 16. Heat wave/sfs 17. Moonslam
  5. 2022 key west warriors will be june 24-26 again (TEAMS MUST BE READY TO PLAY EARLY FRIDAY) -- just remember there is no longer a grandfather rule you must be d and under with only 2 c drops -- flyer will be out soon once the flyer is out i will start taking teams hope to see your team in key west
  6. I had a team that dropped out so I got one spot left who wants it
  7. I was able to extend the teams to 18 teams we now have 17 got room for one more
  8. We are full I will be taking names for a waiting list in case one of the other fields opens up then I can take more teams
  9. filling up fast get your spot before its to late can only take 16 teams this year ... Roosters will be checked this year no more grandfathered In players or teams .... Teams paid so far 1. Kw select 2. Sda 3. The kekamba’s 4. Whisky bent 5. Down south gas ( d team ) 6. mcbats 7. Hoodie boys 8. East coast stars 9. Kw outlaws 10. alofoke 11. Psl Pitbulls 12. Jerry’s kids 13. Moonslam 14. Sandlot studz 15. Bufu 16. Maniacs 17. 2 in da pink 18. On the wall
  10. Just ate lunch in there today they are over 50% food sales so nothing changes for them yes they will still open for being our tourney host
  11. 22 teams paid and confirmed Safe travel for all teams This week And good luck gonna be a good one
  12. Friday the June 19th will be the last day to put in your team .... I need all teams to start paying their entry fees .... Please send it thru cash app Call or text me so I can send you info on how to send cash app Brackets will be sent out on Saturday the 20th Teams that have not paid by 19th will be left off the bracket We are at 21-25 teams right now
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