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  1. Yes, I'd like a number of someone to talk to about the Director that was in charge and the UIC, at C last weekend. They wouldn't talk to me or answer questions at field. Extremely unprofessional and unhelpful.
  2. Since we actually made 12, are we going back to original pay out? Prize Package: 1st: $1200 Cash 2nd:$800 Cash 3rd: $400 and (12 Team Minimum for C)
  3. That sucks, but alright thanks for info.
  4. Gregg, are you going to update what divisions are what so we know if/what divisions are going to make?
  5. Looks like I will have enough to get a team down there this year. When do you need money and rosters?
  6. yo wayne and or gregg. It seems only medial has been going off. how about you let some of the teams that cant seem to win or stick together play down a time or two and see how we do? i'd like to try to get team together, but having no tournaments makes it hard. not to mention when we have played last couple years we have not done well at all.
  7. is it going to be just friday night/saturday? or any chance it goes until Sunday?
  8. I have a question Aaron, if this tournament qualifies for a Utrip event that I hope to assume is played by national rules. Why isn't this one played by same rules? I get it people like to hit homeruns and all that. But it completely changes the game. Wondering why every tournament doesn't follow the same rules? And do you guys as players want to play all year to get to states and nationals and change your whole game or way you have built your roster?
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