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  1. @@lighthouse25 I know its a stretch, but do you still have this?
  2. Everyone is wrong, people sandbag to gain a competitive advantage period. Very few like to play up to the competition, eliminate divisions and just play. The same dudes you idiots protest are the same people you play league nights against. The word idiot is not directed at anyone in particular.
  3. Sending Prayers https://www.gofundme.com/for-our-beloved-jose-delgado
  4. Put money aside, Russ is a class act and embodies exactly what you want in a Sponsor/Player. That should alone should get him in 100% Zero questions asked.
  5. Are you going to play B? You guys where doing great.
  6. You guys should give it a go in B, did you guys really pull the plug?
  7. Why not continue with your existing team?
  8. I'll disagree, all over the country for the most part most teams are playing ASA, or USSSA. There is a reason USSSA draws the numbers they do come national time.
  9. If you play long enough you will see there are only TWO sanctions that matter. ASA and USSSA, the rest are fillers. It's what the rest of the country plays, it's the only time you get to play for a real national where teams come from all over the country. Just my .02
  10. Great group of guys, amazing comeback after losing your second game. Congrats boys!
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