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  1. @@namespito07 Classed E in Utrip... have played in C
  2. Englewood! But willing to drive. I live in Houston now and drive 1-4 hours everyweeknd depending on where we play. Just looking for serious teams
  3. Moving in a month to FL and have been trying to find information about teams and tournaments. It has been extremely difficult..... If anyone could point me in the correct direction on where to find serious teams that play it would be greatly appreciated. Facebook groups, websites, other forums** Zach
  4. I will be moving to Englewood, FL from Houston, Texas at the end of the year and looking for some teams in FL to starft running with. Young ex college ball player that switch to softball. Played for some of the top E/D teams in the nation, played a little C in Houston as well. Mainly play SS & 5man but can play anywhere in the INF. Travel doesn't effect me I can drive to tourneys that are a few hours away. Used to traveling to Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas pretty much weekly. Prefer a top team that is competitive and plays a lot. My last team played well over 100 games this season. Doesn't have to be that much of course just looking for people that play at least 1-2 per month. Any advice on who to talk to or places to look would be appreciated!!
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