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Remembering back.

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I am so old that I can sometimes remember how this game went from a very popular sport to what it is now.

We all played just one association (ASA) and years later, we hosted a total of 8 different sanctions in our State; .47 core softballs got replaced by .44; wood bats turned into aluminum and those became the weapons that are out there today; there were once two umpires per game at every tournament while now we get one; sponsors with big money went away or got put away; we were happy when we won a trophy and t-shirts but now we demand money, bats, rings, etc. ( did you notice the higher entry fees? ); you hit middle and you shut up, then you went up to bat and did the same thing, case closed but now of course, we wanna fight not thinking about the consequences ( don't get me wrong, I have been involved in a few brawls but I can be so stupid as to get in between to break it up, hence, 'got knocked the fuck out'.

Feel free to contribute anything that if you are old enough, you have seen the changes.

Thank you.

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I remember when Jesus tried to put together a set of universal safety standards for player safety. I have no idea how many associations agreed, most didn't.


Shaved bats became an every day occurrence because there was zero unity in suspension. I had a good friend seriously injured because of it, no scrub either. Arguably one of the best pitchers in Florida softball history (Ricky Carter).


Softball has lost its way and it's sad. Very few in this game can look in the mirror and say they did it right. Most individuals justify their cheating because someone else is doing it and winning. Like Sosa and McGuire with a ridiculous $300 entry fee.




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