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The board turns 20.

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Happy birthday FloridaSoftball.com., today you turn 20. Before Facebook, you gave us a forum to post about slowpitch softball, grievances, politics, birthdays and anything we came up with.

I would like to thank Chris Brothers for creating the site and Shawn Zipperer for keeping it going.
So many memories and characters on there, it has been fun for 20 years. If older members could just for a minute share any special moment or happenings in the last twenty years on this board, please do so; some of us old folks would like to reminisce.
Thank you.
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20 Years???!!!!! 


Wow, I really am old. I miss the "father" who always had rumors "heard directly from the stalls".

                                  I miss the tournament results board.

                                  I miss finding everything I needed to know about Florida softball on this forum.

                                  Zip has done great job of keeping things going. Please keep it up and teach someone to keep things running smooth.

                                  Jesus I miss you giving us odds on upcoming big tournaments.


But life goes on and we have to adjust to changes. 


Happy Birthday Floridasoftball.com.  

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Trebor Shingle!


There were so many things that actually made me laugh out loud.




Musgrave vs #1SSinFl


General high school lunch table vibe of discussion and arguing.


Adult conversation of bats, rules and classifications. I have no idea if anything we discussed changed the game for the future but there were some thoughtful and innovative ideas.


I don't remember the dates but for 2-3 years this forum could have multiple topics being discussed all day long or weekend long if a tournament got canceled and we had nothing else to do. The communities activity was active and vibrant.


This site was the softball families dinner table where we could all sit and talk about the game we spent so much time enjoying.


Thank you Chris Brothers

Thank you Shawn Zippererererererer


Last but not least in any way


Thank you Jesus aka Grand Jefe





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